Content Communities

Hands down, Instagram is my favorite social media channel. I feel like Instagram is starting to become a content community with all the new updates. I use my Instagram to interact to those close to me unlike Twitter where my profile is not private and I follow anyone and everyone. I think that this transition from social to content is a great move.

On June 23, 2015 Instagram added a whole new page for the app’s 7.0 release. Explore aims to make Instagram a place of discovery by showing you places and events that are trending through Instagram’s hashtags. This update was a step in the right direction for Instagram becoming a content community.


Instagram can be addicting. It is the only social network I can leave and return to and immediately catch up. I sometimes find myself checking the app every couple of minutes, force-reloading to see who has liked my latest post or posted a new picture. I am sure most users my age feel this way as well.

I see various organizations here on campus use Instagram as a way to promote their events. When members of an organization all take to Instagram at the same time to post a flyer, hundreds of people are reached. If the event has a hashtag like most do, more people are drawn to the posts. Being able to link Instagram accounts to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. broadens the community that posts can reach.

If someone is trying to keep up with what is happening in the world, more than likely there is a hashtag on Instagram for it. If someone wants to follow an account that posts similar interests all they have to do is search the hashtag. The use of hashtags really brings people with common interests together.


Instagram differs from most web standards. It disables hyperlinks, except for the one you can put in your profile. It also prevents you from downloading images, so re-sharing a friend’s picture requires you to screenshot it and re-upload. Re-Instragramming is possible, but requires a third-party app. Also, Instagram only lets you search photos by hashtag. Once these things are improved upon, I believe Instagram will truly become more of a content community.


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