Where Can Being “Instagram Famous” Take You?

gipIt is very common for people nowadays to gain fame from social media. This may be from dance videos, makeup or hair tutorials, blogging etc.

In the case of Gyalis In Paris, he had no idea what could come from his Jamaican-inspired comedy skits.

“I just started posting videos and people really liked them. I was just being myself. I think it’s because people could relate to what I was talking about,” Gyalis said.

Gyalis started out by posting six second videos on Vine back when the App first became popular.

“I started gaining more and more followers and then I started receiving offers to promote products on my page and realized that I could actually make money off of this,” Gyalis said.

Gyalis says he saw social media as a gateway to do what he really wanted to do. He aspired to be a comedian and dancer for quite some time but knew that it was hard to get a career started in the industry.

The introduction of Instagram video allowed for Gyalis to post longer videos so he decided to transition over to the Instagram app.

He went on to create the brand #YaadVineEnt and linked up with fellow Jamaican comedian Prince Marni.

“I think it’s vital to support each other and help build up each other fan bases and share each others video. You know, stuff like that,” Prince said.

Since then, the two of went on to feature other comedians in their videos and gained a combined total of 618,000 followers on Instagram.

Their manager, Tomi, has scheduled paying gigs for them in the U.S, Jamaica, Canada and even London.

Gyalis plans to build an empire of entertainers that will reach all the different industries.

“I don’t want to pursue one thing, I want to take over everything,” Gyalis said.




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